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CQ WW CW 2019 contest with RGO ONE

Here is my 3 hours participation in 2019 edition of CQ WW DX contest. RIG was of course  RGO ONE (serial number 190012). Barefoot – 50W output into my trusty SteppIR 3el. antenna.

CQWWCW Summary Sheet
Start Date : 2019-11-23

CallSign Used : LZ2JR
Operator(s) : Boris LZ2JR
Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Assisted Category : NON-ASSISTED
Band : ALL
Power : LOW
Mode : CW
Default Exchange : 20
Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.7147.0

Band QSOs Pts ZN Cty Pt/Q
3,5      118     126 6   30    1,1
7          63       81  9   27    1,3
14        66     125  7   20   1,9
21         6        16  6    6     2,7
Total 253    348 28 83   1,4

Score : 38 628

Working Mauritius on 15m video:


RGO ONE 160/60m option READY

At last we have working RGO ONE on 160m (1.8MHz – 2.0MHz) and 60m (5.25MHz – 5.45MHz). All needed are two boards – LPF for  160m and BPF 160/60m

LPF 160m

solder side of 160m low pass filter board

Component side of 160m low pass filter board

BPF 160/60m

Band pass filter BPF 160/60m (close view)

DIGI modes with RGO ONE

RGO ONE works nicely on digi modes (FT8), using SignaLink USB interface or other type with built in sound card.  Communication between SignaLink USB and transceiver is fulfilled by custom made cable utilizing line in; line out and PTT signals from ACC1 connector located on the back panel of the RGO ONE

T30GC DX pedition warming up

During last weekend me and Stan LZ1GC prepared main equipment for CW/SSB – RGO ONE (ser.n. 1900012). Stan will be active as T30GC west Kiribati from 7th to 23th october 2019. RGO ONE will drive ACOM-1200 amplifier with vertical antennas.

Right after our first test from his shack we managed to work ZS1C on 15meters with both 59+ reports … wow

RGO ONE Automatic antenna tuner option

At last we have preliminary information on upcoming AUTO antenna tuner option for RGO ONE HF transceiver:

Built in single PCB             120x50x13mm
Bands                                    160 – 10 meters
Output                                  unballanced (coaxial cable)
Matching impedances       12 – 300 ohm
Tune power                          5W
Rated power                         50W
Tune speed                           less than 9 sec. (3.5 sec typically)
Supply voltage                     13V;3,3V internally powered
Supply current                    less than 200mA (120mA on RX)


RGO ONE firmware update procedure

Firmware update is performed by a tool for programming ATMEL microcontrollers – AVRDUDESS

– PC with windows
– Requires .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 or newer. All systems since Windows Vista will have the required version already installed.
– High-speed multi-shielded USB 2.0 A-Male to B-Male cable.

First download AVRDUDESS 2.8 and RGO ONE preset file

Download latest firmware files for front panel microcontroller and for main board microcontroller:

FW update hex files

Create a folder RGO ONE updates. Then unzip files in that folder. Install AVRDUDESS 2.8 from there. During installation some components might have to be installed first and you will be noted about this. (microsoft .net framework). There is another file presets.xml which will be opened later in the program.

First you have to load presets, so hit Manager button

Delete all existing profiles except “Default”. Hit Import button and load your file presets.xml (File is located in the directory you just created)

Then rgo one and RGO BASE profiles appears! Hit X button on upper right corner and leave this window.

FRONT PANEL flash update

From Presets menu choose “rgo one”. All necessary settings will be done.

Now select file path to the directory you just created with hex files in it. Select file which name begins with FP (front panel).
In next steps you have to connect the radio to 13.8V power supply and prepare it for firmware update. First connect USB cable between the radio and the PC and connect the radio to power source 13.8V DC. Switch on the radio and if there is a connection established a PC icon is lit on LCD. Look at the PC side and finish driver installation if needed. Then open AVRDUDESS window and select assigned COM port. (Go to my computer – device manager if needed to see what is the assigned virtual port)

Now switch off the radio. Since we selected front panel microcontroller to be written first, in order to push the radio in boot loader mode, push and hold encoder 3 (RIT/XIT) and swith on the radio. This way the RGO ONE goes in flash mode. LCD is dark, no sounds can be heard. Only TX/ALC LED glows in red. This is a sign that the front panel microcontroller XMEGA 128A3U-AU is ready to be written with latest firware.
Push Program! button and FLASH procedure will begin

If everything goes normal after about 85 seconds flash memory will be written and verify process will be initiated.(Verify time is about 90 sec.)
After successful flash update of front panel microprocessor the radio will restart and switched on automatically.

MAIN BOARD microprocessor flash update

In order to put MB processor XMEGA32A4-AU in boot loader mode, enter MENU and select function 38 (with rotating of encoder 3). With encoder 4 main dial select “YES”. Exit the menu by long press of menu button. Cycle the radio off-on and RIT/XIT LED will start to blink. (See operation manual p.22). Main board microprocessor is in boot load mode and waiting to be flashed.

Now at PC side select presets menu to RGO BASE and choose path to the corresponding HEX file. Then choose COM port

Hit Program! button and wait until flash and verify processes are finished

After successful programming enter MENU then select function 38 and set the parameter to NO. Then exit the menu.
Cycle the radio off-on in order new program to take effect

Dayton HAM vention 2019

A lot of HAMs came to our table (1804) on a flea market of Dayton HAM vention. We installed portable setup – RGO ONE transceiver – battery powered jump starter was used. Antenna was MFJ portable whip 10-40m. We made several contacts on 40m including east coast and central states in US.

Here is a video  – listening to QSO between special event station at the HAM vention – W8BI and K1FM

That was kind a strong signal handling test for RGO ONE as the stations were in a 200 feet perimeter . As you can see the AGC system performed perfectly.
Team at W8BI is very active these days on 20 and 40m





RGO ONE at Dayton HAM VENTION 2019

For the second time we will attend Dayton HAM vention. RGO ONE will be ready for real tests on battery power and portable MFJ antenna from flea market area place #1804 (very close to the flea market entrance)

RGO ONE manuals – latest versions

RGO ONE operating manual is ready and can be downloaded from here:

manual ver. 1.01b from june 2019

manual ver. 100b from april 2019


RGO ONE technical supplement (BOARDS layout & schematics):

RGO ONE tech supplement

RGO ONE tech supplement ver2.10A 28.08.2020


ATU (Internal automatic antenna tuner)

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