Hello everybody and thanks for your attention on the most interesting and educational theme in HAM radio hobby – HOMEBREWING. As from now on I will post here my experience with the most advanced project in my HAM practice – Building a HAM radio shortwave all mode transceiver.


Main goals of the project:

  • Classic superhet design – with popular 9MHz intermediate frequency. Filter method DSB to SSB modulation
  • Coverage of the 9 HAM HF bands (160m optional)
  • High dynamic range receiver design including high IP3 monolithic IC in the front end and H-mode first mixer
  • Fast acting IF (134kHz) AGC.
  • Clickless operation – solid state GaAs PHEMT SPDT switches on RX, (bandpass filters; TX/RX) and ultra fast rectifier diodes (LPF)
  • Custom multicolor FSTN LCD (Especially developed for this project)
  • Custom made plastic face plate, unique and ergonomic knob controls
  • Custom made crystal filters – 6,8 pole, CF=9MHz, 2.8kHz, 2.7kHz, 1kHz, 500Hz
  • Double CPU circuitry control for front panel and mother board, both field programmable via implemented USB hub

transceiver-capture-2-2  transceiver-capture-2-1

  • Modular construction with no “flying wires” inside the box. Transceiver is built up on a main – mother board which has two functions. First to serve as a “chassis” and second to fit all the external connectors, daughter boards, inter-connections and acts as cable harness.
  • Plenty of optional modules: Audio filters, Automatic antenna tuner (ATU), Noise blanker (NB), narrow/wide band IF crystal filters.
  • Linear final amplifier PA 50W with precise power adjustment especially for QRP operations. Forget noisy FANs – 25W  – unlimited time!! QRO work – with max power of 50W driving should be sufficient for a kilowatt amplifier.

transceiver-capture-8-1   transceiver-capture-6-2  transceiver-capture-7-1

  • Personal computer control CAT via USB
  • Morse code keyer (Curtis A, CMOS B)
  • Contest and DX-pedition operation conveniences

transceiver-capture-3-1    transceiver-capture-4-1    transceiver-capture-5-1

  • Both Kit & Ready-to-Run versions will be available
  • Expected start – First quarter of 2017


Please note that some of the schematics and boards might be obsolete up to current date. Please have a look at manual section and firmware files to get familiar with latest schematics and firmware.

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