As from today 9.9.2020 a new firmware version is ready to be flashed via USB port to your RGO ONE HF transceiver.


This version includes some improvements in Automatic Antenna Tuner (ATU) speed and performance,
menu 22 CAT interface on/off; Menu accessibility; TX frequency limits and out of band transmission lock
1. ATU (automatic antenna tuner) memories – L, C, HiZ/LoZ values stored in ATU segment memory are recalled when:
– Switching ON the radio
– Switching “on” and “off” ATU in menu 34
– Going to MEM mode
– Band change with UP and DOWN buttons
– Changing the frequency with main dial knob on lower bands (where the tuning is more critical)
– Lower bands tuning speed improved
– Overall tuning speed improved
– SWR readings on sub LCD are more accurate and stable.

2. CAT interface can be switched ON/OFF. MENU 22 cAt-Pc available parameters are:
– 19.20 – 19200bps
– 38.40 – 38400bps
– 56.00 – 56000bps
– 57.60 – 57600bps
– oFF    – Interface for communication between PC and radio (CAT) is off. Internal USB interface can be used by service/test program in order to gain access to internal signal resources.
Default value is 19200bps.

3. MENU accessibility – user MENU; user + service MENU, user + service + band plan MENU.
– Menu entries 1 – 40 are accessible via normal menu operation with MNU MTR button (long press) after normal power on
– Menu entries 1 – 40; 70 – 78, 80 will be unlocked if KEY/MIC encoder (encoder 2) button is depressed and same time switch on the radio. Then long press MNU MTR button to enter menu and get access to unlocked entries.
– Menu entries 1 – 40; 70 – 80 including band plan menu (Entry 79) will be unlocked when POWER encoder (encoder 1) is depressed and same time switch on the radio. Then enter menu by long press of MNU MTR button.

4. TX operation band limits
– All mode transmissions (TX) are limited (locked) according to bands definitions in menu 79. Tone beep (beep function must be enabled) is emitting  when tune beyond band edges on RX.

Follow FW update procedure here:

FW update instructions

RGO ONE New firmware version 2.10b available

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