New software version is available to upload on your RGO ONE transceiver.

This version includes some improvements in MB and FP microprocessors clock rate, speed and correct timing.
Setting proper clock rate for MB processor. (Clock frequency away from HAM bands). Main board microprocessor clock can be heard near 20m band (actually image signal) like “crackling wideband noise”. With this version MB clock rate is adjusted little lower so not to disturb 20m reception.
Added MENU 81 – FCAL2 correction coefficient (coarse calibration) for SI570 VCO chip. If your RGO ONE is calibrated without FCAL2 then parameter value of MENU 81 would be zero.
Low pass filters (LPF) in PA module now are switched only on TX and disabled on RX. This is part of a LARGE SIGNAL HANDLING MOD.
Along with added pull down resistor in LPF board, this mod significantly improves RX dynamic range and LW/MW BCI immunity.

FW 2.20A highlights:

  1. Improved communication between transceiver and PC at low CAT speeds.
  2. Resolved CW sidetone issue (sidetone punctuation) when CAT system is activated.
  3. “Crackling”noise issue resolved by slightly reducing of MB microprocessor clock frequency (set at 31.800 MHz)
  4. Meter display now predicts/ shows measure mode – SWR, RF, ALC. Default mode is RF on TX.
  5. LCD icons for otional modules do not show up if corresponding optional board is not installed.
  6. Internal keyer CW speed/ratio corrected
  7. UP/DWN/FST buttons on mic now are active.
  8. Service menu entry added – menu 81 FCAL2 – SI570 calibration correction coefficient.
  9. LPF and dedicated filter on TX is switched only on TX and disabled on RX. This helps to improve large signal handling at receiver front end. (This is part of LARGE SIG HANDLING mod).

FW 2.20A files

New Firmware 2.20A available
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