New firmware is ready – 2.39b. Here are key points:

  1. Better CW performance in QSK and delay mode.
  2. Straight key/PC/DTR keying improved.
  3. New menu entry added – MENU 41. Adjustable TX (prequel) time from 6-18msec. QSK and non QSK amplifiers can be used in line with RGO ONE and proper setting of trd. Very fast (staccato) QSK mode already available with prequel tx time trd<12. Full QSK mode to 23WPM.
  4. CW erratic (rogue symbol) issue completely resolved
  5. Use of less than 9 msec for trd parameter might affect CW pulses shape

Download from here

FW update instructions here

New FW version ready for upload 2.39 beta
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