RGO ONE Noise Blanker (noise receiver) demonstration.

Input noise pulse spikes are simulated by Siglent arbitrary waveform generator.

Frequency 14MHz
Pulse signal duration 80 periods (sinusoids)
Silence duration 100 mili seconds
Input amplitude 0dbm (>600mV)

In other words injecting at receiver input very strong pulse spikes ~600mV, width 5.7uS, every 100mSec

Menu 35 selects blanking pulse width 1 – 8 from 7 to 70uSec
Menu 36 selects gate sensitivity (threshold) level 1 – 16

Noise blanker (NB) functionality will be added in new FW ver.2.40A. Check firmware updates section for this update that will be available soon. NB module is optional board that can be fitted on RF MIXER board

RGO ONE fights strong pulse spikes – youtube DEMO
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