First 10 RGO ONE transceivers available soon

Thanks to all who wrote me with questions, interest, expectations and positive “WOW” feedbacks.
This urged us to move fast forward and start production of the first ten ready-to-use units. We plan to have them finished till next months. Then next lot will be 100 units probably some of them or most of them will be in a kit form with populated SMD boards with small foot print components.

At the show in Dayton we revealed our target price for the kit base version – $450-$550. Hope to keep it as low as promised but final price will be available soon after first units come to alive.
First units will ship from Bulgaria, then for US customers will try to have stock in US.

So far we have two samples that we tested already in real conditions and worked several contest (LZ2RS helped with this task). They were presented locally in Bulgaria and on Dayton HAM vention 2018.

We’ve been working hard for almost three years to see what you saw… A real performer HF 50W CW/SSB transceiver. We are 4 people in the team.. Other teammates are very good in industrial electronics manufacturing and helping very much with electronic PCB design, parts delivery, microcontrollers and other things.

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  1. on2vhf says:

    Hi all
    De Laurent on2vhf

  2. on2vhf says:

    Hi Boris
    Yes i am connected
    73 de Laurent on2vhf

  3. N9VV says:

    This is a very exciting time for the RGO ONE Trx! 🙂

    Това е много вълнуващо време за RGO ONE Trx 🙂

    Tova e mnogo vŭlnuvashto vreme za RGO ONE Trx 🙂

    73 Ken

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