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HF home made Transceiver RGO ONE

Price: 1,127.00€
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Brand:  RGO ONE
Product Code:  RGO ONE
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4th production series radios are sold. Please fill in preorder form here:



RGO ONE HF transceiver built and aligned
Now includes the following options:

- Heavy weighted knob
- Bourns optical 128ppr encoder
- H-mode high dynamic range first  RX mixer
- Variable crystal 9MHz 4-pole filter
- FAN cradle

This set comes with following optional boards:

ATU - Automatic antenna tuner board
BPF160/60m  -  Bandpass filter optional board for 160 and 60m HF bands
2.8kHz wide 8-pole crystal filter (replacement over standard 2.7kHz filter)

You can download full specification from here

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