RGO ONE serial number 190003 (number three)

Serial number three (190003) RGO ONE HF transceiver is alive!

Yesterday we finished assembly and adjustment process so it is ready to go.

First production lot (10pcs.) will be with serials between 190003 and 190012. We will reserve number one and number two for our two samples which will be updated to the current version later.

RGO ONE internal view 

One Response to RGO ONE serial number 190003 (number three)

  1. N9VV says:

    *Wow* Hearty Congratulations on #190003 and
    preparation for the trip to Dayton-2019 Hamfest
    in May. You and the RGO-ONE Team are very courageous
    with this complex project.
    73 de Ken N9VV

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