RGO ONE in LZDX and CQ WW contests

Here is in summary what happened after Dayton HAM vention.
We noticed some issues in spectral purity in RGO ONE transmit part. So we had to move it back to design stage and for almost three months we dealt with these problems. We had to redesign RF MIXER, power amplifier and some other boards in order to improve spectral purity (now it is far better than -43dbC requirement) and linearity.
TX mixer SA612 matched to 50ohm with transformers. Balance potentiometer was implemented.
Amplifier between TX mixer and band pass filters was removed. Additional GALI-74 stage was involved after BPFs.
TX/RX antenna switch in LPF board was changed in order to block positive feedback and improve final amplifier stability.
Power amplifier board P55W includes the following changes: Predriver and drivers were changed to ST microelectronics PD85004 (they are far better than RD06/RD15); Output transformer has been redesigned with Fair rite 43 material core and ratio 1:9.

On receive path – gain distribution was properly adjusted so now the receiver is more quieter.

We recently tested the equipment in LZDX and CQ WW DX contests and it performed great. (LZ2RS Rumi worked with RGO ONE transceiver in category SO 15m QRP)

LZ2RS is getting ready for this year CQ WW DX contest CW part SO 15m QRP

So now we are proceeding with first lot of 10 pieces which will be fully assembled and aligned. I hope they will be ready till mid january.

Upon received feedback of ready to use transceivers we plan kit production for next year.

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