My HAM gears

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  1. Ralf K says:


    im very interested in your hf qrp Transceiver project. Are there some audio samples availiable ? Which is the price of the transceiver fully assembled ?

    Thanks Ralf 73

  2. sysadmin says:

    Hello Ralph,
    thanks a lot for your interest! We are working hard to move forward .. Soon I will post other modules that are finished. Now we are working on a mother board and the face plate plastic mold.. I hope till the end of january 2017 we will finish all transceiver modules and till end of march 2017 we will have working samples. Of course we would appreciate more people involved in this project so opinions and comments are welcome.
    Best Regards,
    Boris LZ2JR/AC9IJ

  3. sarmat says:

    Борис, приветствую.
    Хотел бы узнать в какой стадии проект и что можно приобрести в ближайщее время.

  4. on2vhf says:

    Yes mee too please réserve one item yes ????
    73 de Laurent on2vhf

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